13 Years for a Meal: Honorable Eating in “The Promised Neverland”

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Recently, I have started reading The Promised Neverland, a relatively new  Jump series with more than a touch of Machiavellian, Death Note-like complexity.

While this is definitely one of the reasons I am enjoying the manga so far, it’s also quite fun to theorize about demon society because, like other series’ villainous races (ie the vampires in Seraph of The End) the demons are surprisingly human, for example in the way their society assigns status and social prestige.

(very minor spoilers from the manga will follow)

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Animated Emotion in “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” – A Long Due Review


A couple of weeks ago, co-founder of Studio Ghibli Isao Takahata passed away. While this has justly come as a shock for many animation enthusiasts and fans, I think that a good way to commemorate his contribution to the art is to stand together to recognize the beauty of his creations.

As I’ve seen many fans do in the last days, here comes my own reflection on Takahata’s work: a long overdue review of my favorite Ghibli movie, and Takahata’s last creation as director, 2013 The Tale of Princess Kaguya.Read More »

“Young people nowadays, they don’t read anymore” – Wednesday Thoughts


It is a peaceful weekday evening. I skip the last term because I really don’t feel like coming home at 9pm but, being my mind the bargaining little devil it is, I’m still reading a textbook in exchange for these few hours of liberty. It sits not-quite-comfortably in my hand, while in the other I wield a mechanical pencil. Somewhere between my shoulder and my arm I managed to nestle both my bag and my coat. There’s never room for seat on public transport.

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